New to Hearing Aids – Day 1

15 August 2014
Last Night
Received Bernafon Inizia 1 hearing aids yesterday.
Inserted them after dinner and could hear my footsteps as I walked about the house.
I settled to watch TV at low volume.
The broadcast voices were overlaid with sounds like gently clashing cymbals that slightly masked the spoken words.
With my head resting on the high back of the couch, I could hear the sound of every move of my head.
If I turned my head sideways either way the relevant appliance whistled. I eliminated this effect by putting light pressure the bend of the sound tubes.
After a while the overlaid or parallel sound suddenly ceased and hearing was normal; but I had to raise the volume slightly.
I removed some wax from around the domes; the sound tubes were clear.

I listened to the radio at breakfast in the kitchen. I could hear the parallel sound in my right ear and eliminated it by adjusting the tube in my ear. I had to raise the volume of the radio.
I removed the hearing aids while still listening to the radio but noticed no difference in the sound I was hearing.

Afternoon & Evening
Wore instruments for the rest of the day.
Kitchen was very noisy with sounds greatly amplified but quite tolerable.
In conversation with family undesirable parallel sound manifested. I was reminded of a term I heard telecommunications engineers use, “parasitic noise”.


About Paddy Crean

I'm an 85-year-old "silver surfer" who wants to try his hand at blogging. :-)
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