Hearing Aids – Day 2

16 August 2014
Wore hearing aids all day.
Conscious of the loudness of everything.
I could hear the sound of my breath blowing through my nostrils like a strong wind.
My footsteps sounded as if I was being followed about the house.
Sitting in the garden, I was startled by the loud sound of a dry leaf blowing along the ground in my direction from behind. I thought I was under attack!
Both instruments whistled loudly if I raised my arms near my ears or scratched my head.
In the evening when sitting on my favourite couch, I had to be careful not to come too close to the back of the couch and activate the whistling when turning my head to speak to Angela .
In conversation I could hear very strong sibilance in my speech.This was never evident at any time in my life.
It was a relief to remove the instruments at the end of the day.


About Paddy Crean

I'm an 85-year-old "silver surfer" who wants to try his hand at blogging. :-)
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