E-mail Enigma

I discovered today how easy it is to be misled by the name of the sender when you receive an e-mail. I got mail which showed the sender’s name as Wicklow Male Voice Choir but when I opened it I discovered it was from a lady wishing to introduce the choir to a choral music website.

The expanded address showed as Wicklow Male Voice Choir followed by “the ladies name@gmail.com” Now any time I get an e-mail from anyone on my contact list the sender’s name appears as in this example: – PayPal followed by “cs_surveys@paypal-customerfeedback.com”. It is clear that the e-mail is from a department in PayPal. Thus any e-mails from Wicklow Male Voice Choir, which is in my contacts as Choir, should be as follows: – Choir followed by “info@wicklowmvc.net”,

I was quite alarmed and I e-mailed the lady to ask her if she could explain how her name came to be associated with Wicklow Male Voice Choir.

To my great embarrassment she replied that she had simply filled in and submitted the Contact Us form on http://www.wicklowmvc.net/contact-us/

I’m going to be busy in the days ahead sorting out this one.


About Paddy Crean

I'm an 85-year-old "silver surfer" who wants to try his hand at blogging. :-)
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