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Wicklow Times, October 28, 2014
paddy crean
Pictured is 85 year old Paddy Crean from Wicklow, winner of the Golden IT award at the 2014 Google Silver Surfer Awards with Age Action

85 year old Wicklow choralist wins Google Silver Surfer Golden IT award

A talented choralist, Paddy uses his IT skills to enhance the singing of the Wicklow Male Voice Choir which he has been an active member of since 1998.
Paddy used his technology expertise to source software which translates written scores into music sounds for choir members who cannot read music very well. Before, learning new choral songs from music notation was time consuming but now Paddy can put the new music onto USBs and Flash Drives so that members can rehearse new material at home.
He also set up his choir’s website and continues to edit and moderate the site. His online skills have also led to his involvement with Wicklow Active Retirement Association, designing and administering three separate websites;, and
Minister for Communications, Energy and the Environment, Alex White TD presented Paddy with his award during a ceremony held in The Foundry building at Google headquarters in Dublin.
Speaking at the awards ceremony he said, “The stories from this year’s silver surfer are fantastic and inspiring. They show the wide range of opportunities we can access online. They make very clear that no matter what your age, you are never too old to learn. One nominee got her PhD. at the age of 72, another wrote his memoirs at the age of 99.” Robin Webster, Chief Executive of Age Action said, “In today’s world everything from ordering the weekly shopping to paying the electricity bill can now be done online. While this may be convenient for many, there are some for whom the new digital age may be quite intimidating. That’s why it’s important that we encourage the use of new technologies amongst all ages, particularly the older generation. They have a considerable amount of knowledge to contribute to our digital society and can also benefit too, as today’s winners have shown,”


About Paddy Crean

I'm an 85-year-old "silver surfer" who wants to try his hand at blogging. :-)
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